Labour Education Policy

At last. I've been waiting fo r this for more than twenty years. Labour actually has proposals for education which aim at a comprehensive service - for all children (and adults), at all ages. It starts from child care and goes on to adult education, taking in restored maintenance grants on the way. It's not about opting out or choice or free schools; it's about provision for everybody's kids. Just amazing. 

I'm one of Tony Blair's few critics who don't think that the Iraq War was the worst thing he did. Of course, it was bad enough and it comes close. But for me the big mistake was to lose the chance - optimism massive majority, obvious damage from the previous regime - of establishing education for all as a basic principle. But Tony wasn't running a service. He was offering choice, to upwardly mobile metropolitan parents like himself, so let's invent endless new options which make headlines and further disrupt the system. Thanks, Tone.

So Corbyn's announcement is a real breath of fresh air. whether he can sell it to his MPs, let alone the country as a whole, may well be something else again. Watch this space.