Labour leadership

I really didn't want to do this. I think Jeremy Corbyn's right about austerity, and that stance has attracted new members and more active membership within the Labour Party. He was the clear winner in a leadership election, and there's no sign of a rational alternative position which would instantly make Labour more electable. But his handling of this crisis has been totally inept.

Angela Eagle is worried about the situation, and wants to take to him. He refuses. This weekend his minders are trying to make sure Corbyn doesn't have a 1::1 meeting with his deputy, because Watson might persuade him to resign. So what's the future? Hide in an office with a little group who think you're terrific, and wait for all the nasty MPs to go away?

It's a tough situation, and it's not all his fault, but at some stage there has to be talking and meeting between people who don't currently agree. If the leader of the party isn't up to that, then he shouldn't hang on to the job.