England out of Europe - again.

I suppose I was asking for it. Write a rave review of the triumphant England rugby team, and you can be sure that a couple of days later the England football team are on their way home from the Euros. We did, after all, lose to Iceland, and deservedly, so there's not a lot to say. 

But people are still saying it. Papers give Hodgson a rough time because he changed the team for the Slovakia game, but that wasn't a reckless dismantling of a purring unit. It involved keeping the most successful scoring elements from the Welsh game, and against slovakia we didn't play badly - just dominated but failed to score goals.

Against Iceland we were dire. For some, dropping Rooney in the earlier round was the big crime. That's now how it looked in this game. He and Kane kept blazing shots over the crossbar from miles away. the team which eased through qualification by playing stylish, flowing football, with the ball on the ground, suddenly looked wild, desperate and unco-ordinated. The scariest theory I've heard - which is scare because it feels it might be true - is that the England players were paralysed by the thought of what the papers might write about them.