Labour MP does useful job

Yeah! That's a headline you haven't seen very often. But this month Iain Wright, chair of the business and industry select committee, and had a strong hand in bringing out devastating reports on sports Direct and Sir Philip Green and BHS. It's not all totally nerw of unexpected, but it does provide a powerful couple of cameos about how some businesses operate, and why there might be a strong case for government action to encourage them to operate in a more positive way.


As it happens, this is exactly the right time for such reports. Theresa May has signalled a clear breach with Osborne's way of doing business. The grovelling deference to big business adopted by Blair and Cameron ("These guys are so right they must know something that we don't") has been replaced by a much more realistic appraisal of the damage done by the short-term pursuit of selfish profit at the expense of all else. And tucked away in the middle of this is a Labour MP, effectively doing his job in the public interest. More, please.