The Euros

So that's it. Been and gone, no need to keep looking who's playing and when. But I do have my Guardian chart, with every box faithfully filled in. From the sound of it I've enjoyed it more than the pundits, who sound pretty sour about the whole thing. I like it being compact, having a sense of the overall story, even though that story keeps changing. Teams emerge to look really promising - and then get knocked out: Croatia, Italy, Germany. But the big story is teamwork - hardworking groups of players, not all of them eminent, who are intelligently managed so that they end up as greater than the sum of their parts - Wales, Iceland and - totally unbelievable - Portugal, in the end.

The English hype remains unbearable, with the commentators not far behind. As Ronaldo collapsed to the turf in the final, our resident expert drawls "That's the side of Roanaldo's game that's hard to take..." before Danny Murphy, who knows about this stuff, puts him right: "He's seriously hurt."  Out of deference to the rest of the family (neither of whom have any interest in the game) I've often watched with the sound off, and it really is no loss.

So, only a short wait and we're back with a new Premier League season, Pep, Jose and all. Meanwhile, back at Arsenal, it would be good to eavesdrop on the conversation as they compare notes - Giroud, Koscielny, Ozil, Ramsay...oh yes, and Wilshere. Sorry, Jack.