The truth about Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs was an interesting and important guy, so it's not surprising that people wrote his biography. I really enjoyed the movie, selectively based on Walter Isaacson's biography, a couple of months ago. But I've just read "Becoming Steve Jobs", by Schlender and Tetzeli, and the puicture's changed completely. I've read Isaacson on kissinger, and what you get is endless detail, but a bit static and soulless. Schlender and Tetzeli are much closer, and more concered. one of them saw Jobs regularly, and they chart a convincing transformation, not simple, sudden or complete, in which Jobs moves from total pain to eccentric but imaginative boss - hence the 'Becoming' part of the title. it's given me a much more complex, rounded view of Jobs, and I'm glad to have filled out the picture. but one thing worries me. in the movie, Kate Winslet played Joanne Hoffman, Jobs' long-term assistant who seems to have been one of the few people who could work with him. Winslet talked closely with Hoffman in preparing for the role, from which it seems both benefitted. but in the Schlender/Tetzeli biography, so much fuller and more intelligent in many way, Hoffman doesn't appear, not even in the index. so what's going on there?