Midsummer Night's Dream

Well, well, well..who'd a thunk it? Russell T.Davies has done a version of Midsummer Night's Dream, and the tabloids are agitated about a lesbian kiss. As usual these days, we get the row before we get the programme, and - again as usual - our media are childish and pathetic. I thought it was stunning. the purists would say that all you have to do is expose kids to Shakespeare and they'll be knocked out. not in my experience. there's a ton of padding, a lot of moments which aren't clear, or take too long to explain. This was lively and entertaining, brilliantly cut and easy to follow - and full of the mischievous romance which is the best thing about the original. Yes, of course it looked like Dr. Who in bits, but that's why they let Russell T.Davies do stuff on the box, because he knows how to entertain while also making subtle points and hinting at contemporary parallels. John Hannah, Maxine Peake and the rest clearly knew they were on to a good thing, so we all had a great time.  Yes, I'm very happy to pay the licence fee, thank you, Mr. Whittingdale.