Finding Good Movies

I regularly drive twenty miles to Ludlow, because they have a film programme which includes stuff I wouldn't get to see any other way. A couple of weeks ago I caught The Club, a south American movie about a group of disgraced priests, living together in a hostel. It was terrific - humane, witty, thought-provoking and moving, yards better than Spotlight, which tackles similar territory in a much more predictable way. sadly, I shan't be making such trips again any time soon. This evening I sent to see Eye in the Sky - Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman and a dramatic exploration of drones - what's not to like? Onlt the fact that the equipment didn't work. We could have queue for half an hour to get tickets for the same film tomorrow night, but then there's no guarantee it would be shown then. they'd tried it this afternoon, and it was fine, as the charming volunteers kept explaining...There's only so many timer you can drive twenty miles for a film you don't get to see.