A triumph for the Brains?

The Brains are the Australian family who've settled in Scotland, and whose son speaks Gaelic. they all love it here, they want to stay, and both parents have been offered jobs in a community where they find it hard to keep their adult population. The local MP, and Nicola sturgeon, have been lobbying vigorously, so our enlightened government has done the decent thing and said - "Alright, you can stay till August." You can't work, mind, and I'm guessing they won't be too keen if you try to claim benefits, but we'll give you another three months and hope the press attention has died down, so we can kick you out of the country without too much fuss. Standard Home Office procedure. Don't think about what's right, or decent, or the best outcome for the individuals/community involved - just say no, because they're foreign, and the Daily Mail wants rid of them.