Whitewash Down Under

OK, so there is some good news. It was interesting that Eddie Jones specifically hoped that England's 3-0 rugby series win might cheer up a few Brits despondent at Thursday's EU result. tjhat's certainly the case for me, and I'd guess plenty of others. Jones' achievement is phenomenal. With a squad not very different from Stuart Lancaster's, he's created a tough, determined, clear-thinking team who've comprehensively beaten Australia. that's never been done before, and in the process he's tweaked and developed the talents of a wide range of players - who seem to have totally bought into his regime. If they don't, of course, they're out, because he's ruthless, and will do anything - including taking players off before half-time - that will give his team a better chance of winning. who'd have guessed that making dylan Hartley captian would make all that difference? Who'd have guessed that Chris Robshaw, deposed captain and a sad figure at England's exit from the world Cup, would not only retain his disputed place, but be part of a back row that outperformed the legendary Australian flankers. Jones is truly a miracle-worker, not to mention a media performer with a genius for mischief. We're lucky to have him.