The End of the World

That's how it feels. At 5.30 this morning I thought I'd saunter down to see what the result was. the rest of the day has probably been the worst day of my life. I go slowly through all the things that will definitely be worse - environment, health and safety, NHS, cultural and educational interchange, human rights. But in any case, government won't be free to do anything to improve our lives; they'll be working 24/7 to try to figure out what this will mean. And which government? something in which Johnson, Gove and Farage are reckoned to encapsulate the best wisdom available to us. God help us. One thing that will definitely thrive is bigotry and racism. I know, I know, lots of perfectly decent people voted Leave for all sorts of reasons. But racists will take this result as definite confirmation that their views are shared - "52-48 in the biggest turn out ever - noone can argue with that." We'll have more racist attacks, more insults, and a Home Office with a mandate to create a very hostile environment indeed. I've lost before, and I want to be optimistic about the future, but it's going to take a while.