So that's it - six half-hour episodes, and they've all gone. Mum has been a precious thing of beauty, subtle, quiet and unassuming, but full of intelligence and feeling. If you turned on for three minutes you might not think that. some of the people in it seem too dumb and insensitive to be believable. But if you give them the time, let them grow on you, then you realise there's a lot more going on. It's written by Stefan Golaszewski, who wrote the brilliant Him and Her. that had crude jokes. sordid details, ordinary characters, family disasters, but at its core a sweet relationship between the main couple - fallible, moody but deeply fond of each other. With Mum there's Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan, as her dead husband's friend, who thinks he's just being friendly - but the gradual attraction and longing that grows between them, in little looks, occasional words and lots of silence, is just wonderful. Don't take my word for it. Cath it up, or buy the set.