Border Control

"Are you sitting comfortably? Then i'll begin. We used to be able to control our borders, but then the nasty EU came along, and told us we couldn't keep anyone out, so suddenly huge numbers of people came in, taking our jobs and scrounging benefits. Once we leave the EU, we'll be able to kick them all out, and everything'll be peaceful again."

In your dreams. Yes, there are real worries, and particular areas where there need to be clear thinking and extra resources. But it's also true that some of the greatest alarm about immigration occurs in places which aren't actually affected by it, and - thanks to an unholy alliance of media and politicians -  many people's view of the extent and cost of immigration is wildly unrealistic. The answer to the problems isn't to say "you're right" to people voicing unrealistic fears. Controlling borders is complicated, needs thinking about (who does it well, really?), and the current scaremongering which dominates the debate in the UK provides no help at all. interesting that Farage has finally demonstrated that even Gove and Boris Johnson have their limits, although I don't suppose they'll be tuning away the votes that he attracts.