Grayson Perry

I've said it before, but now he;'s back again, and its still true. Grayson Perry is the best interviewer on TV, bar none. In his current series, All Man, he talks to hooligans, police officers, traders, casual passers-by, and treats them all with the same honesty and warmth. "don't take this the wrong way", he smiles at a huge cage-fighter who could clearly knock him into the middle of next week if he so chose, but then delivers a delicate, serious question - which, because it's offered that way, is answered in the same spirit. He's interested and he's pursuing a serious train of thought, but he doesn't have an agenda, or an urge to dominate, undermine or pigeonhole the people he's talking to. He's genuine, and they get that, so they're genuine too. Pure gold dust.