Boris on the Trail

 I can't remember being as depressed as I currently am, about the nature of the EU debate. Yes, it's abstract and condescending, with all sorts of rich people telling us that business will fall to pieces unless we stay in. I'm not surprised that some voters are feeling stroppy, and are ready to vote Out just to be cussed. But what's mind-boggling is that some of them think that Boris Johnson is the most persuasive speaker on offer. Having hovered on a knife-edge as to which side he was actually on, he's now smarming his way around, getting photo ops, refusing to be tied down on immigration but offering casual comparisons between the EU and Hitler. And all this as we get the increasing wealth of detail that suggests his spell as Mayor of London varied between casual and outright deceitful. Vote In or vote Out, but why on earth would you want to vote Boris?