Arrogance in Education

Toby Young got it wrong. He swanned about the media, claiming that improving schools was a simple job, but he was arrogant because he underestimated the complexity of the task. That's not me talking. It's Toby Young, having the honesty to admit that his confident generalisations about raising standards weren't actually justified. It's good that he can admit this, but it hardly makes any difference, because the arena is packed with similar windbags who are sure they have the answers, but don't actually have much experience in how schools work.

If you said to a visiting Martian "Yes, we have experts who know about education, and have carried out extensive research, but they're not the people who are actually in charge of it" I think they'd say the Martian equivalent of "Huh?" and assume we were crazy. And we must be, to trust our educational system to the care of confident dogmatists with no first-hand experience.