Classic Foolery

i was going through the week's papers, as is my habit, when I hit this tasty little item. Prince Philip has been chosen by the royal family to lead their call to stay in the EU - wow, not like them, keeping to the sidelines. Prince Philip, apparently, admires the rebel Greek ex-finance minister:  "he sees something of himself in the charismativ, motorbiike-riding eye-for-the -ladies Varoufakis..." although apparently "the Greeks would never have got into this mess if the colonels had still been in power." Hang on a minute. Yes indeed. It is April 1st, and someone's had a lot of fun stitching this fantasy together, including a quote I value anyway, even though i know it isn't true: "The leader of Vote Leave is Michael Gove - that awful little leaker who put it about that the Queen wanted out." Did he? I haven't a clue. But it was fun while it lasted.