Us and Them

That's the title of a poetry booklet i put together last year, with the subtitle - "the war in error." It's about the way the West has presented and reported the War on Terror. the final poem in it deals with homegrown, a play set in a London school, charting the process of how teenage kids might be attracted to go to Syria. It was, sadly, closed down before its first performance.

This week, Gillian slvo and Niholas Kent have launched Another World, a different piece of verbatim theatre, also exploring the radicalisation of young Muslims. The authors of Homegrown objected that this was an attempt by white liberals to divide the world into good and bad Muslims. I haven't seen either, but I'm sure that there's room for more than one dramatic exploration of this territory - if ever there was topic that called for subtlety and intelligence, it's this one. Treating radicalisation as a virus, and doubling prison sentences at the sound of the word 'Syria' isn't going to be a lasting solution.