Really sad, the day you part company with a show you'd hoped to enjoy. Undercover had all sorts of things going for it - serious presentation of a black family, engagement with complex political issues, stunning performers. But tonight i just couldn't stop shaking my head, and turned off. It's partly the real-life objections, from the partners of undercover policemen, this it isn't actually this way. Living in marital harmony with Adrian Lester for 20 years, before it comes out that hey, actually he's a cop. you can see why they wouldn't want to make him too obviously sick, but then what other kind of person would deliberately chat up, sleep with and then marry someone without telling them what they were up to? But it's not just that. It's the over dramatised flying top the US and back again, only to shout at a judge that her client is at risk. It's getting the DPP job and then deciding hey, all the resources in this organisation will be devoted to investigating a case from twenty years ago. Nothing happens this simply, in isolation, but because Maya's played by a terrific actress they assume she doesn't need to work or talk with anyone else. Charging down a corridor swapping barbed lines with a stuffy politician is fine for the West Wing, but it'snot how stuff actually happens. I tried, but enough is enough.