...And that is more like it. Sometimes I go to movies in hope, almost in desperation - been a while, need to see a film now and again. But just now and again I go and come back knocked out that the film was yards better than I'd expected. Trumbo is terrific - it does the McCarthy HUAC politics really well, filling in the background, but also tracing tactical differences between Trumbo and his long-term mate. and it does the family stuff, too - the way his wife and kids stick by him, but at what cost, and - eventually - how close that takes them to break-up. Intelligently written, powerfully acted, not a dull moment - loved it all the way through. How something as ordinary as spotlight gets Oscars while this doesn't feature at all I shall never understand, but it's daft to get sidetracked by celebrity nonsense. Let's just say that this is a really good movie that nothing like enough people will get to see.