Watching Arsenal

Oh my God, but don't they put us through it?! other Arsenal fans reading this will know what I mean. The Premiership is imploding, Chelsea have an atrocious start to the season, everybody else is subject to managerial uncertainty, so this must be the year for Arsenal - the new, shiny Arsenal, finally strengthened by serious spending, to make their move. Apparently not. Faced with a disorganised Manchester United, and a lowly Swansea, they proceed to lose both games tamely, and virtually give up the chase.


But today, with a derby game against Spurs, they finally hint at greatness. they survive a lot of early pressure, and then score a sumptuous breakaway goal. When half-time comes they're looking good, comfortable on the ball and far more threatening than Spurs. So - throw it away. Coquelin tries to make an absurd tackle and gets sent off, and Spurs score twice in five minutes.

Arsenal, down to ten men, already have three forwards on the pitch. so what do they do? They put on a fourth, play some fabulous football, get an equaliser and almost get a win. It's deeply moving but God, it's hard on the nerves.