Shop Thy Neighbour

One of the least charming aspects of our current government is its eagerness to divide the nation. One ploy was to invite people to inform on other citizens they thought were obtaining illegal benefits. This was always nasty. It now turns out to be inefficient. Figures published over the weekend confirm that in 85% of these cases, no action is taken.

It's a relief, in one way, that the extent of the problem isn't as great as they'd have us believe. But think about it. Twenty people ring up to shop their neighbours. Seventeen of them see nothing happen. Do they go back to normal life, thinking "Ah well, I must have got it wrong." ? I doubt it. They seethe, about the cowardice of government who won't act, the injustice that their initiative has not been rewarded with the proper punishment. Not a great result, for anyone who's concerned for social cohesion. But then, how many are?