Hollywood Values

Every year I pay some attention to the Oscars, though i know I shouldn't. This year provides a neat illustration of why. Jenny Beavan, an Englishwoan who did the costumes for Mad Max, went up to collect her Oscar. There's a widely circulated clip of some high-powered directors seating in their tuxedos, refusing to clap. Who does this foreigner think she is, strolling up to the podium in her Marks and Spencer's clothes?


Which helps to make some sense of the ludicrous verdicts, like the one deciding that Spotlight is the best film of the year. It's fine. It tells its important story in a clear and lively way. It's intelligent and a pleasure to watch. But it hasn't an ounce of the sheer artistry of Carol, which also presents characters in a different era, but where the script, acting and camerawork are simply light years ahead of it rival in quality and intensity. But hey, it's about two women, right? Where's the interest in that?