"A serious error of judgement"

You can say that again. I didn't say it. Margaret Byrne, did, describing her handling of the Adam Johnson case. He's the Sunderland footballer accused of grooming and kissing a 15 year old girl. Margaret Byrne is the chief executive of Sunderland football club, who calculated that the chance of getting a few more points int he struggle against relegations outweighed everything else. She recruited a lawyer for Johnson, and had a detailed discussion with both of them that covered the allegations and detailed evidence. when Johnson finally appeared in court to plead guilty to two charges, Byrne proclaimed herself gobsmacked, saying she would never have allowed him to play if she knew. She did know, and now we know that she knew, and she's resigned. Will the football world be any more sensitive to its responsibilities beyond immediate self-interest? Somehow, I doubt it.