Investing in the Future

"In this budget, we choose the long term. We choose to put the next generation first."

Remember the old "choose" refrain from Trainspotting? George Osborne has used that before, but there's no point in wasting a good gag, so now he does it again. This budget, he'd have us believe, may be tough to live with, but it's all worth it, because it's done for the sake of the young.


Yeah, right. Was there ever a government that did less, cared less, for the real lives of young people? From the cancelling of the EMA, through the closure of schools and libraries, the political antics of creating academies and complicating test regimes, to the housing policies that mean most people will never be able to buy a home, they have been supremely insensitive to what the future will hold. Our teenagers, we are told, are among the unhappiest in the world, but hey, with George's budget, maybe they'll smile again. Don't hold your breath.