Happy Valley

What a series. I caught Happy Valley 1 late, saw it all on catch up in a couple of days, squeezed in before going on holiday. So this time I was ready. I've watched each episode, every week, marvelling at the writing, the acting, the sheer bloody intelligence of it all. Somehow the threads were finally tied up tonight without the usual ludicrous straining or cheating, and there were a couple of scenes of pure poetry. Sarah Lancashire's police officer gently cradles a woman who's just shot her son, while she gently, ever so gently, cautions her. Then she tries to talk down a police colleague who's set on killing himself, but she makes a mess of it, and asks him to help, because he knows about that sort of thing. In summary, both scenes sound ludicrous, flights of fancy which couldn't possibly work. On screen, they were riveting.l