And on they go, this succession of films for which I booked tickets more than a month ago. I can't claim credit for this one. Having picked a list of five I wanted to see from the Jan-Feb programme, my daughter when through it and then said "I want to go to that." It's at Ludlow and she doesn't drive, so I do the decent thing and books for her and me to see it. Just wonderful. It's Mexican, and funny and touching and beautifully shot, but never sentimental or settling for easy answers in the Hollywood rut. You just never quite know where it'll go next, but you want to find out, and gradually get drawn into knowing and caring about a scrambled mix of characters. the basic plot summary says it's about a boy in the country whose Mum can't handle him, so she sends him toff to live with his older brother in the city. Older brother is a student, but his college is on strike, so he's sitting at home not doing very much. Together with a friend, they wander around town, look in on the student sit-in, and try to track down an aging musician, whose records their dad used to play. It may not sound much, but as usual it's all about the way you tell -em, and in this case it's magic.