Clutching at Straws

Philip Dunne, my MP, is a conscientious and busy servant of his constituents, and sends us a regular e-mail on what he's been doing. But he's also a loyal Tory, so what we get is invariably upbeat.  

Exasperated by his most recent missive, I sent him an e-mail pointing out the permanent damage that's being done to Shropshire's social fabric (museum, leisure centres, libraries, support for the most vulnerable). I also criticised this government's change of direction on solar panels, missing an opportunity for short-term investment with massive long-term benefits.

Part of his detailed reply - by letter, on House of Commons stationery - reads: "The Prime Minister recently revealed that 98% of the UK's solar panels have been built under his leadership..." Just staggering. In the same period, we've had severe flooding and England have failed to win the Six Nations rugby championship. Is he responsible for those too? it's not rocket science. Other European countries, post Paris, see the urgent need to invest in renewable energy. We have a cautious middle-of-the-road scheme, which our government decides to scrap. Why would that be so hard to admit?