Tabloid Technique

Now and again, when the headlines are really juicy, I buy a copy to see what the tabloids are doing. Their recent outrage about judges being "enemies of the people" seemed promising, so I parted with 65p in exchange of a copy of the Mail.

You could not make it up. Or, you make it up and nobody minds. At the bottom of page 6 the headline runs JUDGES' SHAMEFUL SLOW-HANDCLAP FOR GOVE. Paragraph one goes on "all three judges who caused chaos yesterday were among a crowd who slow-handclapped Brexit campaigner Michael Gove earlier this year, it can be revealed. Wow. A shocking revelation of judicial bias and misbehaviour.

But it's nothing of the kind. Paragraph six starts: "However, it is understood none of these three was disrespectful to Mr. Gove." In other words, we lied. We gave you a tasty headline and intro on the assumption you wouldn't get this far, but if you want to take us to court we'll have para. six to get us out of trouble.