Ireland 40 All Blacks 29

For the past couple of months I've been virtually housebound. I've been really grateful for Netflix, and BT sport. when I signed up to them I wasn't at all sure they'd be worth it, but now there's no doubt. BT sport, rather suprisingly, had the Ireland v. All Blacks game, so I thought I'd give it a go.

Utterly rivetting. Three years ago, Ireland built up a 19-0 lead against the all Blacks, only to be caught at the end. Here they were up by 30-8 when the All Blacks started to haul them in. Three ruthless tries in hardly any time at all, and it looked like the same old story, yet again. But amazingly the Irish had the nerve and stamina to keep attacking, to chase every ball, make every tackle, and ended up scoring a wonderful try - intelligent, courageous, absolutely no doubt about it - and ended up winning by 40 - 29. Watching the highlights is pretty good, but there's nothing to beat seeing a story like that unfold in real time. Thank you BT sport.