Picking up the Pieces

I've held off writing about the Trump business, while I get my head around it. go through the papers, cut out the articles, work slowly through them. gradually, as I accustom myself to the facts, it's slipping into place. It wasn't the whole of America opting for Trump. He got fewer votes than Romney against Obama, and Hillary won 31 out of 35 cities. (Yes, I know, cities aren't everything, but even so...). The Republicans did a big, thorough job on restricting who was eligible to vote, Trump smashed Clinton on the number and circulation of social media posts, and a ton of people who had come out for Obama didn't come out for anyone. "Yes, we can" sort of slumped to "Maybe we can't."

So, what's next? Zoe Williams, arguing passionately that we shouldn't despair over Brexit, seems to slip into an opposite extreme over Trump - he is as bad as we always thought, we shouldn't be attempting to smooth that over, or do business with him...But what exactly are the options? He's got the White House, the Senate, the House, and will have the Supreme Court. There are still things to fight for, but it's hard to be hopeful about the big stuff. Climate change? All my heroes say find the issues, keep fighting, what they want is for you to give up and throw in the towel...but it's going to be hard.