The Fall

Wow. Last week a Guardian critic wrote that they were still watching The Fall, even though nothing was happening. I'll bet they didn't feel like that after the last episode, when things kept happening all the time - often unexpected, invariably violent but totally gripping. I didn't watch this from the start, because "serial killer" to me isn't an attraction, but the strength of the recommendations, in print and by word of mouth, changed my mind during the first series, and I've been an avid fan ever since. Yes, it's intense, and maybe not entirely realistic all the time. Gillian Anderson is maybe more of a loose cannon than most police forces would permit, but she is so watchable. Most important of all, the writing's thoughtful and clever, dealing with real if nasty stuff, and there's a lot of minor characters taken seriously - the people in the hospital have been terrific. I've really loved it, and i'm praying that they'll accept the logic of the story and the script, and accept that this is the end of the line. I really do not want to watch The Fall, series 4.