Not the snappiest title in the world, but it's worth remembering. It's the latest documentary from Adam Curtis, and I'm a fan. some love him, some hate him, because he has a very distinctive style, but he does make you think and he's not dull. HyperNormalisation comes in at a snappy two and three-quarter hours, and is only available on iplayer. and that's right. You don't want to take it in all at once, and this way you can go back to it, check over things that might have seemed preposterous or confusing, and generally do the kind of clear independent thinking which Curtis - and some of the rest of us - favour. 

what's it about? Oh, all sorts. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran. the US and Russia. the history of suicide bombing. How news is presented to discourage us from thinking, Facebook stuff like that. Nobody else does quite what he does. Some of the links seem outrageous, and I don't agree with everything i hear, but I do feel a lot wiser and more energised for having watched it.

(If you want to catch it, it may be easier to type in 'Adam Curtis' - I got the title right, but still couldn't trace it first time round.)