"Brexit means Brexit" - but which one?

I thought May was the best available choice to lead the Tories, and in the early days I was impressed, but now she seems to be making it up as she goes along. Yes, 52-48 on a huge turnout is a win, but a win for what? As I remember that squalid and confused campaign, the two main planks of LEAVE were (1) control immigration (2) spend more on the NHS. As of this weekend, May is emphatic that we shall control immigration - in the crudest, most destructive way possible, if the Tory Party conference is any guide - and definite that there's no more money for the NHS. So if you voted LEAVE because that was on the bus, forget it. It's not what Theresa has in mind.

Also this weekend, reviews of Craig Oliver's book about the campaign, including Cameron's response to the Brexit result - dry, relaxed, self-deprecating, but apparently oblivious to the extensive damage into which casual confidence has launched us all. that he could have gone so lightly into something with such massive repercussions ought to be unbelievable - but sadly, it rings all too true.