The death of kindle

Well, not actually all kindles, obviously. Just mine. Or mine and Linda's, to be precise. Part of my high-powered intensive planning for our Siciliy holiday has been to reduce bulk and weight by ordering three neww books on kibndle, so I don't have to take all that heavy reading matter to Sicily. Two days in, I'm sitting on a Sicilian beach when a strange pattern covers half of my screen and refuses to go away. The totally gripping China Mieville novel in which i am engrossed is clearly still there, but with an overlay I can't get rid of, blocking half the screen. "Don't worry," Linda says, since she's sensibly engrossed in an old fashioned paperback novel our son'ts given her for Christmas. "You can borrow mine." Except, lo and behold, hers suffered from the same affliction. so that's a big element of holiday pleasure - reading the stuff you planned to - gone out of the window. I'm not sure I ever want to take my kindle on a holiday again.