Improving Schools

I like Michael Rosen, but I'm not always delirious about his regular "Dear Ms. Morgan" article in The Guardian. Producing one a week, he's sometimes going to be scarping the barrel, or sounding off about something which is true but unlikely to have any effect on the powers that be.

This week's, though, is different. He attackes the stahndard Tory notuion of a good school as one that blows local competition out of the water. Instead he offers the London Challenge, a communal programme of sustained mutual support which succeeded in raising the standards of all the schools in a locality. It's not rocket science. It's what m,any of us working in comprehensive schools in the 70s and 80s was the point of the exercise. But now, it's made to seem like the eccentric proposal of dreamers who couldn't possibly be allowed to influence policy. Will Ms. Morgan be listening? Probably not, because her chances of doing anything about it are thin, but I hope someone out there latches on, and starts to wonder if that might possibly be a more fruitful approach.