Recording 'Canary'

No, not wild life sound effects. 'Canary' is my radio play about electro-sensitivity, and after a series of lucky contacts I went down to Reading for two days to witness it being recorded. James Jerrold got four actors and me to invade his house and traipse through two spare bedrooms (control suite and recording area) in a non-stop buzz of activity. He says he stopped for ten minutes to eat a sandwich, but without documentary proof i'm not convinced. After a massive trawl he'd got down from 700 possibles to an all-star cast of your - who were all sharp, lively and friendly. A joy to work with, and they totally got what the script was about and how it should be read - except that, being actors, they added pauses and inflexions that I hadn't dreamed of. It wasn't as good as i'd hoped - it was much better.