Free at Last!

I thought I might never get to write this. Shaker Aamer is going to be freed from Guantanamo. that shouldn't be a surprise, since the Americans decided he wasn't any kind of terrorist threat nine years ago. They've just been hanging on to him because he's a troublesome organiser of prisoners, and might give very embarrassing testimony to UK investigations into our agents' involvement in torture. But it is great news, and a tribute to his enormous courage and willpower, refusing offers to spy for the secret services, and standing up for the rights of prisoners in Guantanamo. Neither of which earn you any rewards in the evil lottery that is the war on terror. Finally, Shaker gets to see his 13 year old son for the first time. Imagine that.

(If you want to do a quick-read revision of what happened to Shaker, the main events are covered in my poem The Ballad of Shaker Aamer, in the poems section of this website.)