Adapting to change

Salutary viewing last night, watching the nation's Post Offices being dragged into a bright new commercial future, whether they like it or not. There's an army of smart, smooth-talking cookies laying down the law, that you either have to sell tons of merchandise, or move over and let the post office go to SPAR/the local garage/wherever. There's a kind of logic to it, that there's been substantial government subsidy, and a decline in customers, but there's also a political choice, that we'll invest government money in bombing Syria and propping up the banks, but not in maintaining a social service that supports some of the vulnerable old people with whom this country is increasingly going to be concerned. 

And I can't help seeing a parallel with the libraries, similarly threatened with closure and contraction - and for similar reasons; fewer borrowers, more books on kindle etc. That's less publicised, but Shropshire is scurrying around trying to ditch responsibility for running an effective library network across the county, without actually spelling out to library users what is going on. As the cookies keep saying, things are changing round here, and you have to get used to it. Or else.