It's only fair.  When, as happens far too often, a TV series promises and then fails to deliver, I moan about it. So here's to Humans (channel 4, sunday nights), the series I never planned to watch. I caught the trailers early on - they were hard to miss - and made my usual rapid decision: robots, sci fi, no, I don't think so. Then, somewhere along the line - someone at Tai Chi maybe -  somebody said "It's better than you think." so I gave it a try, and i'm really glad I did. It's not tech for the sake of it, and the heart of it is a subtle, serious look at family dynamics, well written and acted by all five. The science of the sci fi is incredibly complicated, but it does explore very neatly boundary lines between human and not human, the basis of morality etc etc. I'll be sad to see it go.

It's not going, of course. Like any half decent TV show these days, if it works well then they have to do a second series. But I'd be amazed if it has half the impact. (Broadchurch, anyone?) This, after all, was about exploring a new relationship, of humans to synths. That virgin fertile ground will never be quite the same again, but while it's still fresh, thanks for the memory.