Sarah Hall

There's nothing quite like the buzz of discovering a new writer. It was nearly three months ago that I read a review of The Wolf Border. I thought "this looks interesting" and ordered it from Much Wenlock library - which is brilliant. As was the book. So I thought I'd look up her back catalogue, and ordered two more. When I went to pick them up, less than a week later, they said "I think there's another one on the shelves." From the photos on the back I'd say she was a bright sixth-former - but then, I am an old retired teacher. she can do anything. Winter on the fells, growing up in a seaside town, working in Coney Island. Single women thinking about having a baby, families, sex, tattooing - you name it. totally versatile, intelligent and rivetting to read. Sadly, I've now read everything she'd done. so don't just sit there, Sarah. Get on and write another one.