The Special One

Jose Mourinho explains why he's demoted the Chelsea doctor and another member of his medical staff. "I wasn't happy with them because even if you are a medical doctor or secretary on the bench, you have to understand the game. If you go to the pitch to assist a player, then you must be sure that a player has a serious problem. I was sure that Eden didn't have a serious problem. My medical department left me with eight fit outfield players in a counter-attack after a set piece and we were worried we didn't have enough players left."

OK, you think. This guy is the expert, he's got a terrific track record, so maybe he knows more than they do. but wait a minute. The referee had stopped play, because he thought there was a serious injury. He's waving the medical staff to come on. Do they say "No, sorry. The boss knows better. We're not coming." Is that how doctors are supposed to operate?

There've been suggestions of sexism, that Mourinho might be picking on a female doctor. I don't think that's the case. It isn't that he thinks women are inferior. He thinks everyone is inferior.