Tory support

Yes, the future is grim. Not just the cuts and their consequences, but the fact that they have the support of many young people. John Harris, a left-inclined journalist who insists on looking at the facts, has dug up some, from Ipsos MORI polls over 17 years, which make very unpleasant reading for those of us who share his views. For instance, “The government should spend more money on welfare benefits for the poor, even if it leads to higher taxes.” Of course it should, I think, and 40% of my contemporaries agree. But for those born since 1980, it’s nearer 20%. “The creation of the welfare state is one of Britain’s proudest achievements” would get the support of 70% of people born before the war. Of those born since 1980 – it’s 20% again. Is this why Labour are so scared?