Shaker Aamer

Detailed Observer coverage of the Shaker Aamer case, which I knew via Amnesty, but hadn’t registered in full. It’s shocking because it’s so simply black and white, a really extreme parable of how the war on terror has corrupted our sense of justice. He was arrested in Afghanistan, although the Americans have accepted since 2007 that he’s not guilty of any terrorist offence. He was offered a deal by British agents, whereby he could stay free if he agreed to inform on fellow Muslims. He turned down the deal, and was sent to Guantanamo. At various times he’s been tortured, sometimes in the presence of British agents. The police who are in charge of investigating our secret services’ involvement in torture have interviewed him, and would like to use him as a witness, which is why the secret services have done a deal with the US, who will only release him to Saudi Arabia, which he left when he was seventeen. Meanwhile, his family in Battersea want their dad back. Including Faris, his eleven year old son, whom Shaker has never seen.

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