Lions victory

Phew. Well, that was hard work, and I was only watching. Though I did have to stomach severe resistance to Sky, and cadge sofa space from a friendly neighbour in order to watch. Lions v. Australia, in three nail-biting episodes of rugby, ends with an outrageous thrashing –the Lions streaking away to score open-play tries which in the first two games seemed totally beyond them. It was a huge achievement, and a massive relief to those who like the idea of putting together a composite UK squad at short notice.

So it was moving as well as exciting, though a cynic would have to point out that if Australia’s kicker hadn’t been injured at the start of the first test, it would have been very different. And that every game hung on interpretations by referees, which were in massive contrast to each other’s, despite the fact that referee and linesmen came from the same team of three, constant throughout the series.