Irrepressible Gove

Gove is irrepressible. He just has so much energy and amibiton, is determined to stick his finger in so many pies. If he were actually interested in having an effect, in serious improvement, he’d tackle half the issues in which he gets involved.  (It’s rumoured that his wife is bright and supportive: surely there’s something she could say…? Or is he deaf to everyone?)

Last week we had Gove dismissing the historical ignorance of British teenagers on the basis of…a Premier Inn survey. This week it’s creativity, and the classic trad model which says, first you build the structure, learn the rules; then you get the chance to create. Actually, not so. In real creative life, it doesn’t happen like that, as Ken Robinson’s wise Guardian article makes clear. So, will Gove read this and maybe think again? Don’t hold your breath.