Gove arrogance, again

I’m sure that if someone challenged Gove’s right to arbitrarily change the shape of English education he’d poitn to the fact that he’s the minister of an elected government, with the authority of Parliament behind him. So it’s strange to discover that he treats Parliament with an indifference bordering on contempt.

The Observer has run detailed exposés on the alleged bullying and slander carried out by Gove’s staff. On a previous visit to the commons education select committee he airily denied all knowledge of such skullduggery, but now there’s more detailed evidence available they want him to come back to explain. Gove’s reply indicates that he’ll be happy to brief the committee on his education reforms and “any other issue.” He doesn’t think there’s a chance he’s done anything wrong, so he’s happy to put them straight. “Then perhaps, the department for education can get on with improving lives and you can consider where your own energies might be directed.”  (Guardian)