Cruel Britannia

I didn’t get to the talk, but I did get to read the book. First from the library, and then I bought my own copy, because it’s that good. Well researched, with detailed evidence from old files and  secret documents, interviewers with the torturers and the tortured.

We have this sense that basically our lot keep to the rules, but that during the War on Terror they got nudged into some shady stuff, because they wanted to keep in with the Yanks. Nonsense. We’ve always done it, and we’ve always lied about it, and we’ve very often threatened or smeared anyone who tried to tell the truth. Blair and Cameron are just the latest in a line of politicians who’ve tried to claim that they’re innocent or ignorant, while authorising criminal activity of dubious value but devastating effect. Don’t take my word for it. Get the book out of the library, and pass the word on.