The final episode of Broadchurch, which I’ve faithfully followed for the last eight weeks – and when did I last say that about a drama on ITV? It’s been packed with characters and suspects, twists and cliffhangers (not to mention cliffs), but it’s also been thoughtful and intelligent, carefully filmed and with serious attention to the community as well as to the stars. So why am I immediately depressed by the chirpy announcement that there’s a second series on the way? Because the power of this came from two factors. 1. That this was a small, sleepy community where the murder of a child was a shocking act, that seriously disrupted normal life. 2. The personal dynamo was the tricky and developing relationship between two police officers, excellently played by David Tennant and Olivia Colman, both of whom have good reasons to go somewhere a long way away from this town. So how can series two be anything but a betrayal or a disappointment?  OK, this was well done, so they may know what they’re doing, but I’d much rather they started again, with something entirely new.