Backing down?

So, who’s this? “When the arguments overwhelm me and I recognise that I am wrong, I think it best to retreat.” Yes, of course. The humble Michael Gove we have come to know and love. It comes under a story headed “Gove: no end to shakeup in education” so maybe we shouldn’t get our hopes up, but still – be thankful for small mercies.

The same announcement reported that Mary Seacole, Creole hotelier during the Crimean War, would retain her place in history. In fact, her role as a black figurehead  will be enhanced. The only mystery here was why Gove ever thought it was a good idea to challenge her inclusion, infuriating Nick Clegg, Operation Black Vote and many others. Other ministers have advisers, who warn their bosses off getting involved in embarrassing and timewasting distractions. But Gove is a law unto himself.